(Excerpt taken from catalogue essay for Digital Outlawed, curated by Arie Rain Glorie)

In our simulacra filled culture of advanced consumer capitalism, where the copy is indistinguishable from the original, is an original thought a contradiction of terms? How can I go forth into the future, while in the stone age? WTF?

Banned from using Digital media, in the beginning I began where I always began. Furtively, ashamedly, I Googled it. Who knows what I Googled but I know I started there, regardless.

In the end Digital Outlawed forced me to make something tangible, something you can touch; something ‘real’. I decided to put out an edition of fifty audiocassettes, a quickie – each side just 3 minutes long. Viral Sex Tape – free to take, steal, or just stumble upon (and quickly away from) in the gallery. Like in the glory days of the Internet, how you interacted was up to you. I recorded, edited, and dubbed all the tapes using analogue technology, and with this in mind decided against making the sound available online. I still have a handful of the tapes left, so if you want one feel free to send me an email.

I also made some weird sculptures that looked like chicken paste, and I wrote stories in the same way some people might draw, meandering.

Here are those sort-of stories.
Fairytale for the Future