Amy-Jo Jory is a Melbourne based artist, writer and curator. For the over a decade she has exhibited widely in Australia and New Zealand, and has been a director of artist run initiatives in Melbourne and Dunedin. Gaining a Masters of Fine Art by Research from the Victorian College of the Arts, she has been the recipient of postgraduate scholarships and prizes, and her work is held in the Vulcan Steel Collection, and private collections worldwide.

The steely blue murk of a swollen river; yellowed lace curtains; the hollow sound of steel on wood; forks on plates; the drone of fridges in the night. I hoard these clichés like broken bone china. These clichés are like friends, they are family.

I am compelled by the intersections between gender, sexuality, class, and institutional power. Speaking to a long feminist history of connecting personal narratives with broader political and social structures – my work is a kind of ontology of the self, implementing my life experiences as an art making strategy.

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